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Can you beat the other teams and escape the casino the fastest?

Casino escape is an unique game experience to play with colleagues. This makes for excellent company outing experience! It is always beneficial for the team spirit and all colleagues with their different expertises will have their own way of solving things. Puzzles that seem impossible for one person can be a piece of cake for another in the team, which makes it all the more fun to play together.

We advise to form teams with a maximum of four players a team. Teams with that size will take about an hour to escape. Cooperation is key, so use software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Hangouts, Jitsi, etc. (to remain safe during these times).

The game can start once everyone is in contact with eachother. Find the clickable elements and solve the puzzles. Write down the answers or remember them well. The puzzles inside the casino will result in numbers. You don't have to finish the escaperoom in one sitting. You can always pause and continue at a later date. Having trouble with some puzzles? Then there is help in the form of hints. The fastest team is not necessary the smartest…

The organizer will have a realtime overview of all the teams, and can see what teams have finished playing. There you can see how fast the teams escaped and how many hints they used to break out. As the organizer it is possible to put a time penalty on the usage of hints. This can result in a very surprising end result! This makes for a unique game experience to play with colleagues. Who escapes first? Who gets out without the use of hints? Let the games begin!

Play with more teams and get a greater discount

The players will have the most optimal experience when they play with 2 to 4 players per team. To keep things interesting, we use a reduced price for companies and organizations with large amount of teams.

Got any specific requests? Please contact us and let us see if we can fulfill those needs with some customization.

  • Starting from 1 team: € 19,95 per team
  • Starting from 5 teams: € 14,95 per team
  • Starting from 10 teams: € 13,95 per team
  • Starting from 25 teams: € 11,95 per team
  • Starting from 50 teams: € 10,95 per team
  • Need more teams than that? Please contact us!

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