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Online escaperoom for 1 team or person

Experience the challenge in Casino Escape! Escape from the casino as fast as possible, by yourself or in a small team and with using as few hints as possible! At Casino Escape we challenge you to solve a wide range of puzzles within the shortest time possible.

Our advise is to have a team which consists of a maximum of four persons. That would lead to about one hour of game time. Got more than four people? Create multiple teams and see which team is the fastest! The game is more fun if you keep in contact by using software like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Jitsi, etc. or by sitting in the same room.

Ready for this adventure? Go to Start game and start the fun! Find the clickable elements and solve the puzzles. Write down the answers or remember them well. The puzzles inside the casino will result in numbers. You don't have to finish the escaperoom in one sitting. You can always pause and continue at a later date. Having trouble with some puzzles? Then there is help in the form of hints. Do you think that you got what it takes to finish the escaperoom within an hour?

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