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A weekend away with friends ends a bit differently as intended. It seemed like a nice trip to go to Eastern Europe, and it started out as a nice trip, until something goes amiss.

You become friends with a couple of locals and share the remainder of the evening together. In hindsight, these people appear to be a bunch of sinister people and they get you to enter a casino somewhere in a dark alley. You are being set-up and lose a lot of money. So much, that these new 'friends' lock you up in the casino until the debt is payed off!

You wake up, and notice they are currently not around. This is your time to escape and make a run for it...

  • 81% Escaped the escape room

  • 45% Escaped within an hour

  • Playable with teams

  • 20815 Hints used

The game

We build this online escape room to help each other in these harsh time and give you some entertainment, as current times make it difficult to come together. It is an escape room which you can play solo, with a group or even with multiple teams. So have a go at the puzzles, or gather some friends and/or colleagues and see who among you can set the best time!

You need an access code to enter the escape room. You can buy this for one person/team, or for multiple teams. Buy codes for:

Well suited for groups and/or companies

Our escape room is playable with multiple teams. As the organizer you can create the teams and after that you will receive a special page. There you can see the results of the teams and the page gives you the option to set a time penalty on the usage of hints. This results in a corrected score!

You can use online services for video chatting with each other and solve the puzzles together. The puzzles are created in such a way that you can move freely between the different rooms, in search for the answers.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions! Or you can create your teams right away.

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