Casino escaperoom - the room

A weekend away with friends ends a bit differently as intended. It seemed like a nice trip, go to Eastern Europe. And it started out as a nice trip, until something goes amiss. You become friends with a couple of locals and share the remainder of the evening together. In hindsight, these people appear to be a bunch of sinister people and they get you to enter a casino somewhere in a dark alley. You are being set-up and loose a lot of money. So much, that these new 'friends' lock you up in the casino until the debt is payed of!

The game

We build this online escaperoom to help eachother in these harsh time and give you some entertainment. It is an escaperoom which you can play solo or with a group. If you play with multiple people, you can use online services to video call eachother and solve the puzzles together. The puzzles are made in such a way that you can "walk" through the rooms independantly, or share a screen and look at the same things. You can re-use the provided access code or get one access code per player.

How it works


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