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Online escaperoom
Casino Escape

Waking up in a casino and in shock. What happened yesterday? Solve the mystery and escape from the casino.

A weekend away with friends ends a bit differently as intended…

It seemed like a nice trip to go to Eastern Europe, and it started out as a nice trip, until something goes amiss.

You have become friends with a couple of locals and shared the remainder of the evening together. In hindsight, these locals appear to be sinister people and they got you to enter a casino somewhere in a dark alley. You have been set up and lost a lot of money. That much, that these new 'friends' have locked you up in the casino until the debt is payed off!

You wake up, and notice they are currently not around. This is your time to escape and make a run for it...

The game

Play with a group or solo

This is the online escaperoom which you can play solo, with a team or with multiple teams. Gather your friends or colleagues and try to solve the digital puzzles. Try to be the first to escape and see who will set the best time!

You need an access code to enter the escaperoom. You can buy this for one person/team, or for multiple teams. Buy codes for:

With how many teams will you face the challenge

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Gift the experience

You have the option to gift the Casino Escape experience! After buying one or more access codes there is an option to download a gift voucher. This voucher can be mailed to the recipient or you can print it yourself and giftwrap it!

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